Hugh of St Victor

(c. 1096–1142)
   Theologian, Mystic and Devotional Writer.
   Hugh was a member of the Augustinian house of Canon Regulars at St Victor in Paris, France. From 1120 he taught in the St Victor School and was Prior of the Abbey some time afer 1133. He was the author of works of philosophy, including Epitome in Philosophiam, theological treatises such as Summa Sententiarum and De Sacramentis Christianae Fidei, devotional books such as De Laude Caritatis and De Vanitate Mundi and various commentaries on the Scriptures. His work shows the influence of other leading theologians of the time, such as Peter abelard, anselm of Canterbury, anselm of laon and bernard of clairvaux. He emphasised the historical study of the biblical books and of doctrine, and he stressed the importance of the contemplative life as the means to mystical union with God.
   J.P. Kleinz, The Theory of Knowledge of Hugh of St Victor (1945);
   J. Taylor, The Origin and Early Life of Hugh of St Victor (1957).

Who’s Who in Christianity . 2014.

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